Do I need a referral?

No! You do not need a referral from a physician, you can come see us directly!

How long are the treatment sessions?

Please allow 75-90 minutes for your first visit. This will provide us with time to have a thorough conversation about your history, health, and goals for therapy, as well as a full evaluation and beginning treatment. Follow up visits are typically 55 minutes, but can be tailored to your needs.

I've never had pelvic physical therapy before. What should I expect?

The evaluation includes a full body assessment, such as posture, alignment, various movement assessments, and strength. We also assess the external pelvic girdle structures and muscles around the spine. In many cases, a pelvic floor internal exam is performed, as these muscles are located inside the pelvis and this assessment gives us a wider range of information. If you have questions about any portion of this, please call us prior to the initial appointment. We are happy to answer any questions!

How often will I need to be seen? 

This depends on your condition and your needs. Your body and your case are unique! After the evaluation, your therapist will discuss with you what we recommend to help you reach your goals.

What should I wear to my first therapy visit?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in, such as non-tight fitting exercise clothes. If you have symptoms while exercising, we advise wearing the shoes you typically work out in. It is helpful to wear something that is easy to change out of, as a pelvic floor assessment may be part of the evaluation.

Can I bring my baby to the therapy visit?

Yes! Babies are 100% welcome in the clinic.

Still have questions?

That's totally normal! Call us today at 602-456-3956!