Helping Women Move and Feel Better 

Pelvic physical therapy and wellness care to help you exercise freely, recover fully postpartum, and return to the activity you love.


Who are you and how can we help?

Are you:

  • Experiencing pain, leaking, or pelvic heaviness?
  • Unsure how to return to running or fitness after having a baby?
  • A busy mom having a hard time finding childcare or time around nap schedule for your own appointments?
  • Looking to find the root cause of your pain or issue?
  • Wanting more personalized attention from a physical therapist, rather than just a list of exercises?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we may be a fit!

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Individualized Care

Not every woman has the same story or the same goals.

That's why I spend time listening to you and learning about your experiences and goals, to develop a plan with you, to get you back to moving and feeling the way you want.

My promises to you:

  • Your visit will be spent working with your physical therapist.
  • Your visits will be driven by your goals, and those we have set based on your PT evaluation and findings.
  • Your program will be designed specifically for you.

Your Treatment May Include

Pelvic Floor and Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques to relieve muscle tension, fascial restrictions, tissue constrictions around nerves, and improve blood flow.

Individualized Exercise Program

Based on the findings of your evaluation, I will design a program to fit your needs - to improve mobility and strength, restore balance, and help you move better. No two people are the same, therefore you will receive a program that is custom-designed for you, not just a generic exercise printout.  


My job is to empower you to understand your issue, know your body, and help it move better. I teach my patients how to change positions, postures, and implement strategies throughout the day to help with recovery. You will learn how to care for your body and transition into a program that is sustainable for your lifestyle.  

Who we are and how we can help

  • As a physical therapist of over 14 years, I have helped many women like you return to the life and activity they love. My goals are your goals. I recognize the individual experiences, obstacles, and goals that each of my patients brings to their recovery process. My care is not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather, I am passionate about identifying the root cause of the issue, and working with you to get back to what you enjoy doing most.
  • Being an independent practice means we can provide treatment in a way that works for you. I offer telehealth, in-home, or in-office visits, depending on your lifestyle, your schedule, and your preference.

Let’s work together.